I am the proud parent of two books, both of which are published by Amazon and can be purchased through these easy links. You’ll not only be expanding your mind and world but supporting our meager efforts here to try to explain a little about the ravages of combat related PTSD and the other important topics we cover.

The first, “Atheists, Agnostics, Progressive Minds: Busy Bacteria On A Speck Of Dust“, is the collection of quotes I’ve found over many, many years and decided to finally organize into a book.

Atheists, Agostics, Progressive Minds: Busy Bacteria on a Speck of Dust

The second book is a collection of random thoughts I’ve written down and finally decided to place into an organized manner. These are all thoughts from my tiny brain. Most have been said in different ways by others and most have been said in vastly more intelligent ways by others but these are mine and mine alone. It’s called “A Progressive Mind: Personal Reflections On Reality” and is, in my humble opinion, worth a few minutes of your time. The thoughts are organized in a way that it makes a great bathroom book, too. A couple pages per poop should about do it.

A Progressive Mind: Personal Reflections On Reality

Thank you for your valuable time.