While it doesn’t offer very much for those of us who served in Vietnam and still are desperate for help navigating the purposely confusing Veteran’s Administration system, there is a place where vets from the current undeclared wars can go for help, guidance and a ton of information.

It’s called the Wounded Warrior Project and it offers many pages of very valuable information for our returning vets. The heading states, vastly understates in my opinion, that 1 in 5 returning veterans suffer from PTSD and major depression. It offers news about efforts to bring the VA into the 21st Century (although we all know that the President and the right wing Congress will be cutting VA funds again this year and the next), benefits counseling (get started now while you still can) and many other helpful links.

Needless to say, I know of a few hundred thousand Vietnam vets that could have used this type of assistance and information so all of you vets from all of the many wars that Bush started and now Obama and Congress are continuing had best avail yourselves of this type of aid as quickly as possible. With the next tax cut for corporations and our wealthy owners, there won’t be a penny left to give you any of the help you so deeply deserve.

If I find more resources for you men and women finally coming home I’ll post information about it here.